Bolt completes over 250 million rides across 3 billion kilometres in Nigeria

Michael Akuchie
Despite celebrating several milestones, Bolt Nigeria has faced its fair share of challenges

Leading ride-hailing and gig work company Bolt, said it has recorded more than 250 million rides in its Nigerian market since its launch in 2016. The company revealed this in a statement made available to Technext. The company said it has also registered a whopping 3 billion kilometres in distance travelled by clients.

According to the press statement, Bolt Nigeria said that it has recorded seven-fold growth since starting operations in 2016. These are some unique feats achieved by the company as it marks its tenth year of operation in various markets across the world.

Yahaya Mohammed, the Country Manager of Bolt Nigeria commented on the achievement:

Even amid the challenges posed by the ever-changing macroeconomic landscape, our dedication to providing exceptional service remains unwavering. We also remain dedicated to collaborating with our driver partners, regulatory bodies, and other industry stakeholders to ensure the growth of the ride-hailing industry in Nigeria,”

Yahaya Mohammed

He also stated that the company remained focused on delivering safe, affordable, and reliable rides to users. Beyond growing seven times more, Mohammed also mentioned some milestones that the business had achieved.

Among them is the Women at the Wheel exchange, a program dedicated to advancing women’s empowerment. The campaign aspires to tackle the low representation of women in the ride-hailing segment. It hopes to do so by offering women a chance at getting the earning opportunities that Bolt drivers enjoy. Three months ago, the company committed €2.5 billion to the initiative. The mobility business is dominated by the male gender with women left to scramble for the little opportunities.

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Bolt moves to entice drivers with N6000 bonus and 5.0 surge as e-hailing union strike gathers momentum
A Bolt branded vehicle

As mentioned, Bolt Nigeria recorded nearly 300 million rides. The Country Manager attributed this to the reliable mobility options riders have. It also introduced a safety-oriented feature called audio trip recording. Essentially,  it allows both riders and drivers to record their trips using the mobile app.

For example, the audio trip recording feature which empowers both drivers and riders to initiate an audio recording of their trip within the Bolt app, offering a solution in situations where they may feel uncomfortable during the ride,” the press statement further stated. 

Finally, it said that it was constantly updating the app and services rendered to improve the user experience. Among the many updates rolled out over the years of operation, the press statement highlighted Scheduled Rides as an important addition. Announced last week, it enables riders to book trips up to 72 hours in advance. While it costs more to use, this feature brings more convenience to riders. 

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The road ahead for Bolt Nigeria 

Despite celebrating several milestones, Bolt Nigeria has faced its fair share of challenges. From drivers demanding to unionize to them calling on Bolt to reduce the commission it currently charges, it hasn’t been all rosy for riders. 

Following the recent increase in petrol pump prices, Bolt drivers have struggled with the heightened cost of doing business. While the company has accomplished a handful of things, it’s worth noting that drivers’ welfare is vital. Prioritizing their needs may have positive long-term impacts on the company’s fortune. 

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