Burna Boy’s new album divides opinion on social media

Eberechukwu Etike
Burna Boy's new album: I Told Them, nay or yay?

Hi guys, can you believe it, we are about to enter the “ember” month. It seems like this year is flying past, but we usually say that almost every year, don’t we? Anyway, let me tell you, the music industry was on fire last week. From Burna Boy dropping shades and a new album as well as Asake shutting down the O2 Arena in London, it was a banger.

However, as usual, we’ve compiled some of the top trendy gist from social media that happened last week for you. So sit back, unwind, and get ready to explore the most incredible conversations from social media that made headlines.

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Burna Boy’s new album, a flop?

Burna Boy's new album is a flop or what? +other social media gist

Just last week, Burna Boy released his seventh album, “I Told Them,” but did it stir up a whirlwind on social media as usual? Not really. The comments from his fans online took a slightly different turn compared to what we’re used to.

The hype train, which generally rolls along at top speed, appeared to slow down earlier than expected. Fans began rubbing their heads and wondering, “Hey, where’s that enchanting musical spell we always get from Burna Boy’s music?” Even Rolling Stone had a lot to say about the new album.

Honestly, there is no doubt that Burna Boy is a hit-making musician, consistently delivering those musical jams one after another. But this time, just maybe, the fans were expecting a little extra razzle-dazzle, especially since his Davido dropped an absolute banger of an album this year, a groovy sensation called “Timeless.”

However, despite the initial mixed feelings, Burna Boy’s album, ‘I Told Them,’ rocketed its way to the highest-ever spot for an African project on the European Apple Music Album chart.

So, perhaps, it’s one of those albums that needs a bit of marinating, before it fully seeps into our musical souls.

More Love, Less Ego: Musicians send their condolences to Wizkid

Burna Boy's new album is a flop or what? +other social media gist

Just last week, the online world was buzzing with news about Wizkid’s mom passing away. You’ve got to understand, she was Wizkid’s ultimate super fan, his rock-solid supporter. So, this news hit extra hard for all of us, his loyal fans.

Once the word got out, the social media platforms overflowed with love and sympathy. Fans, celebrities, and even just well-wishers poured in their heartfelt condolences. There was this one superfan who went all out and got a tattoo in honour of Wizkid’s mom – talk about dedication, right?

But it didn’t stop there. Davido aka OBO, sent out this genuinely touching message to Wizkid and his family during the Afronation concert. Also, Burna Boy, Poco Lee during their own concert took some time off to share some condolence messages to Wizkid.

At this point, the emotional moment was some sort of bonding and consoling period for both fan bases. It was like let’s continue the feud later. It’s amazing to see the online community come together. Every single virtual supporter out there is sending their sincerest condolences to him and his loved ones.

Asake London concert started and ended with a banger

Nigerian artists are taking the world by storm, and Asake is definitely a part of those leading the charge. Did you see his London concert at the O2 Arena? Asake just took his game to a whole new level as in, he didn’t just arrive and stroll in on stage; he flew in on a helicopter.

According to fans who attended, the energy in that arena was off the charts. Videos kept surfacing on social media and it seemed as though every nook and cranny of the venue was jam-packed with fans. Asake had some top Nigerian musicians join him on stage, including Olamide, Fireboy and Tiwa Savage.

And oh the review, it kept flooding in during and after the concert, and even till this day people can’t stop raving about how mind-blowingly good it was. But you know, some people still think it was just like “meh” nothing out of the extraordinary.

At this point, it’s crystal clear that Asake is on a roll. With the wave of new fans he’s gained from this spectacular show, it’s high time for him to set the Nigerian stage ablaze too. We need it this year. Also, the ripple effect of his international concert triumph proves that Nigerian music is making waves.

Bobrisky might be sad but still maintains beauty every day and anytime

So, last week, the internet exploded with news about Bobrisky’s dad passing away, an emotional time of course. In no time, videos started popping up left and right, showing the funeral ceremony.

Instead of everyone focusing on the sad part—the loss of Bobrisky’s dad—people went bananas over how Bobrisky looked. I mean, to be honest, Bobrisky is usually this flawless, milky-skinned diva on social media, with makeup game on point. But this time, we kind of got a glimpse of the real deal. Natural and unfiltered.

Let’s just say some fans were a tad let down. But hey, it was an emotional period, and people shouldn’t be bullied because of their looks. At the end of the day, social media is a different world, right?

Fast forward a few days, and Bobrisky returns to social media to become the diva we all knew. Like bam! Brand new booty, compliments of a BBL surgery. Bobrisky’s like, “I might be facing tough times, but my beauty game stays undefeated!” and it got people wondering, is this a mourning phase, a coping mechanism or what?

Anyway, that’s all for now. See you next time.


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