How to use the latest version of the GT World app

Godfrey Elimian
How to use the latest version of the GT World app

Guaranty Trust Bank customers breathed a sigh of relief after the newly updated GT World App became accessible yesterday. The bank had been on the receiving end of user complaints after the users who received the automatic update needed to register afresh, and the bank would not send the one-time passcode required to sign in.

Following complaints of unsuccessful logging into the new app, the bank later, in a message, apologised to its users and claimed that it was doing all it could to resolve the ‘technical glitches’ and have the app available and functional for use. The bank said;

“First, we would like to sincerely apologize that we couldn’t deliver the new GTWorld App to you seamlessly as we had communicated. We are aware that as a result of the recent update we initiated on the GTWorld Mobile Banking App, you have been unable to log in to the App,” the message reads.

The mobile app was finally made accessible after several days of attempts, with users receiving an immediate upgrade rather than going to the Google and Apple Play shops to re-download the most recent version. Technext attempted to download the app from the App Store but discovered that the latest version was still unavailable.

The platform users may need some time to get used to some noticeable changes brought on by the upgrade. The method of transfer and bill payment are two of these modifications. New features like investment products and card acquisition are two more observable changes. With the help of this post, we hope to guide you on navigating the new GT World.

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New user interface with GT World

Old app users may find the GT World app’s new UI very different from what we expect from traditional banking apps and thus overly difficult, especially for less tech-savvy users. This is due to the completely different feel that the new interface provides compared to the previous one.

How to use the new GT World app, as updated version becomes functional

With its orange and white colours, the user interface of the previous version of GT World championed the simplicity and directness associated with most mobile banking platforms. Users had all the features they needed; transfers, bill payments and airtime recharge, transaction history, loan applications, contacting support, and even e-naira spread on the homepage and were one click away.

While at first glance, the new interface appears simple, with its plain background, which may either be dark or light depending on the phone’s settings mode. However, users may need to let go of their knowledge of the previous version of the app to use and master the new interface efficiently.

But here are some of the steps to completing the basic functions on the updated version of GT World.

How to make transfers

The transfer symbol and other icons, such as payments and transaction information, have been relegated to the page’s bottom, in contrast to the previous version, where they were prominently displayed on the home page.

Making a transfer is actually easier now. Previously, users had to select if they were sending to a saved beneficiary or a new beneficiary before inputting the recipient’s account number and selecting the bank. In the latest version, you can go ahead to input the account number in the space provided and select the bank while your beneficiaries are listed on the transfer page.

  • Click on the transfers icon.
  • Search for the recipient’s bank by inputting phone numbers, account numbers or even names.
  • Select the beneficiary bank and then input the password

How to make payments

The payment icon has also been pushed to the bottom of the app, similar to the transfer icon. There is a growing list of things you can pay for through the app, which is a noticeable improvement. Events, entertainment, and tickets are notable additions, as well as capital market and investments, estates and associations.

Similarly, “Buy Airtime” has been added to the payments list instead of being a standalone option as it was on the previous version.

  1. Click on payments at the bottom.
  2. Check for the item you want to make payment for e.g. airtime or data
  3. Click on the item
  4. Follow the prompts and include your pin

Products and Investments

This is perhaps the major reason behind the update of the GT World App. The bank has introduced two new tabs for products and investments, respectively. It appears that the bank would seek to offer the users of its mobile app the chance to access wealth-creating services and goods directly from the app, as is typical of most fintech platforms.

There are links to blog posts on the homepage advising users to “put your money to work for you and earn more” and “Design your future with a retirement plan. Discover our pension products.”

Clicking the first link redirects users to the Assets Management page on the GTCO website, and users can read up on the offerings and fill out a form that would help them invest their funds. The other link redirects users to the GTPensionmanagers website, where users can read up on the pension offerings, open a pension account, and select a pension plan in minutes.

The products tab located at the bottom of the app allows users to access Personal loans and Card applications where users can apply for Naira debit cards (Naira Mastercard, GTCrea8 Card, SKS Teen Card, GTBank NRN Naira Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard, GT Instant Card.), Dollar Debit Cards (Dollar Debit Visa Card, Dollar Debit Mastercard), Prepaid cards (Prepaid Virtual Naira Mastercard, Prepaid Utility Card, GTBank Prepaid Dollar Card), Dollar Credit Cards (World Mastercard, GTBank Visa Classic Credit Card, GTBank Standard Credit Mastercard)

New investment product

The loan offerings on the GT World App have been increased. Only the Quickcredit and Salary Advance loans were available in the previous version of the app. However, the new version provides access to School Fees Advance, Max Advance ( which is available when you need to spend more with your GTBank Naira Mastercard), Max Plus, Computer Advance, Gt Mortgage, Premium Advance, Travel Advance, and Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing.

The addition of new products is welcome as it would help improve the financial inclusion of users. However, when you click on the new products, the app diverts you to a URL. This is less convenient than carrying out the operations on the app as the previous version provided.

What we think of the update

Overall, the updated app version is not so difficult or sophisticated. While it might take some time to get used to initially, it would become familiar and easier with more use. The smart appearance and functionality of the new update as well as the new features added will also improve the user experience,

The facial recognition tool at the payment stage greatly improves the app’s functions and security.

However, if there is anything more significant to mobile banking users, it would be efficiency and value. A tier-one bank like GTBank ought to have few, if any, inefficiencies and downsides when customers utilise the platform for transactions.

Whatever the case, it’s critical that GTBank work to restore the dwindling trust that has lingered over the previous few months between it and its customers.

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