How John Fawole’s Blockchain Alpha facilitates the growth of Web3 companies with marketing 

Temitope Akintade
Blockchain Alpha Team
The Blockchain Alpha Team. Note that there are 3 other members. It is a remote team and those in the pictures are the ones in the same location

It has often been said that marketing is one of the most important aspects of product development. Many companies have a solid product while marketing and branding strategy leaves much to be desired. This is the gap Blockchain Alpha, a highly-rated Technical Content Marketing Agency is filling in the Web3 space.

According to the founder of the firm, John Fawole who is a technical writer and developer, he sometimes comes across protocols solving problems, but lack proper documentation and marketing despite offering fantastic services.

These tools could have gained more visibility and revenue if only they engage in marketing. But I don’t like to complain. Instead, I like giving solutions. This was the motive behind Blockchain Alpha — helping technical Web3 companies with holistic marketing.”

John Fawole, Founder of Blockchain Alpha.

Blockchain Alpha

Simply put, Blockchain Alpha is a leading provider of top-quality content and marketing services in the Web3 world. Its area of specialization is technical content marketing for crypto companies, blockchains, startups, DAOs, and DeFi protocols.

Blockchain Alpha

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The services offered by the firm are not limited to content writing. According to its founder:

We do holistic marketing, including PPC, social media ads, and social media management.And let me also clarify that writing alone is not enough in itself. We offer revenue-driven content strategy and audit. These are the nuances that bring the actual ROI in marketing.”

The firm, which kickstarted operations in January primarily works for firms in the Web3 space, but services are extended to Web2 brands as well. 

In a crypto conversation with Technext, John Fawole describes the reception of the brand as impressive. Blockchain Alpha has rendered services for prominent brands like Polus Payments, Escape, and Blacksun to mention a few.

Web3 products need marketing to scale 

As an expert in the field, John Fawole believes that companies, especially ones in the Web3 space need intense marketing to scale. 

I noticed most core engineering-focused companies often say, “build, they’ll come.” I believe that too, but not totally.

No matter how solid the technical solution you provide might be, marketing will bring you to the desk of your audience. Digital Ocean and Hasura made it to every developer’s heart this way.”

John Fawole, Founder of Blockchain Alpha
John Fawole, Founder of Blockchain Alpha

Another perk that Blockchain Alpha offers as a marketing service is that it could give founders some critical feedback if the situation permits that. 

This is why Blockchain Alpha is a marketing partner. If you have a fundamental loophole, we’ll give you a consultation to build a PMF product.”

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However, Blockchain Alpha draws the line at associating with scammy projects. The team ensures that the hard questions are asked and proper diligence is done before signing a partnership agreement with any client.

One thing about the Web3 space: you’ll know the smoke and mirror projects prima facie. It’s all about due diligence.

What’s the track record of the founders? How realistic is what they want to build and to what end? These two litmus tests will separate the wheat from tares.”

Subsequently, Blockchain Alpha would continue to back more projects with fantastic marketing. Also, the company is working on releasing some products in 2024.

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Blockchain Alpha


 Blockchain Alpha

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