$NOT token launch: Here is all you need to know about Notcoin  

Temitope Akintade
Notcoin is a game that became popular recently, where Web3 enthusiasts earned coins by tapping on phone screens while using a Telegram bot

Remember spending hours, missing sleep while tapping phone screens and playing games in high school before the time accountability that came with adulthood? Yes, that is exactly what Notcoin is about. The only difference is that in this case, you receive rewards for tapping time away on your screen. 

Notcoin is a game that became popular recently, where Web3 enthusiasts earned coins by tapping on phone screens while using a Telegram bot. According to its founders, around 35 million people globally mined Notcoin via this activity.

Also, the project reportedly recorded almost 9 trillion taps, which gives credence to its popularity and acceptability amongst Web3 enthusiasts.

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Away from the buzz. What exactly is Notcoin? Who is behind it? When and where is it launching and what will be the market value when it does?

You will get answers to those questions in this explainer. 

What is the Notcoin? 

Co-created by Open Builders founder Sasha Plotvinov, the Notcoin game is based on the Telegram messaging app and is expected to launch a token on The Open Network (TON) in a couple of weeks.

In simple terms, it is a social clicker game. Web3 enthusiasts had to open up the Telegram app, tap the bot, start tapping away and earn Notcoins in the process. Gamers could also invite friends to the project to earn more coins. As they earned more and more coins, gamers climbed up a global leaderboard broken into different tiers.


Additionally, gamers earned extra tokens by completing quests that usually involve actions such as following a Twitter account or joining a Telegram community as well as “boosts” or power-ups in the game that increased their earning potential. 

On the first day of April, Notcoin ended its mining phase. This means that gamers can no longer play the games which had hitherto earned them the coins.

Will Notcoin’s mining resume?

Albeit with an entirely different rewards system, Notcoin plans to relaunch its game after the token launch and airdrop on April 20. 

According to a Decrypt interview with Sasha Plotvinov, Notcoin will not mint any additional tokens (as all pre-launch mining is complete), but the game will make use of the enormous attention it has garnered to help expose Web3 enthusiasts users to new projects while rewarding them.

According to Sasha in the conversation: 

“We want to keep this game continuing. What we want to do is basically provide some pools for users so they can continue mining or farming from these pools in a similar model—they will just continue to click on a button and earn coins with more complexity and fewer rewards than they had in the mining phase.”

In clearer terms, this new reward model would allow projects to buy up Notcoins from the secondary market, and then use them to fuel gameplay rewards. 

Notcoin Vouchers 

During the mining phase, the project introduced something called the NFT voucher program.

What this entailed was that gamers who had earned over 10 million Notcoins could convert their them into NFT vouchers which could be bought, sold, or traded before the actual launch of $NOT.

The effect of this was that gamers were given the opportunity to speculate on the eventual price of the real token. At the height of this activity, a Notcoin Voucher (10 million Notcoins) exchanged hands for around $230. 

Notcoin NFT Vouchers

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Importantly, the NFT Voucher program was an experiment that showcased how much people were willing to sell their tokens for, even before actual market speculation.

$Not tokens

Coins that were earned during the game are not real tokens with liquidity. However, an airdrop for a real $NOT token would be awarded to gamers in the buildup to the eventual listing on April 20. 

$NOT will go live on The Open Network (TON), the network that Telegram itself originally founded, and be exchangeable for the in-game Notcoin that game players have been earning.

While announcing the tokenomics of the $NOT token on March 30, the Notcoin team said that 100% of $NOT tokens would by default be provided to the over 35 million players who mined them by tapping the coin. 

There won’t be Bitcoin-style early whales.” – The team wrote in a tweet thread and via the official Telegram community. 

However, they added that some tokens could be useful for boosting the ecosystem:

It would be helpful for the ecosystem growth to have a meaningful amount of Notcoins for product development, upcoming listings, and for all the millions of people that will come next. If there are no good ideas for these tokens, they will be burned.”

Details about the token withdrawal to exchanges and exchanging them for $TON to send over the TON network will be announced in the project’s channels. After the token has been issued, the NFT voucher holders will be able to swap them for the corresponding amount of $NOT tokens.

How much will $NOT be at launch?

Yes, we know the big question is “How much is $NOT going to be worth at launch?”

No denying the fact that the project is big on hype at the moment, which is largely what drives crypto projects. Also, Notcoin would be listed on exchanges on April 20, a day of the monumental Bitcoin Halving, which is expected to be a bullish catalyst. 

Read about the Bitcoin Halving here.

However, one could only speculate, but not outrightly predict the exact market price. No one knows what it would be worth. 


The fun lies in letting the token play out itself. The project’s website even says:

The price could even be zero at listing, so keep that in mind when trading vouchers.”

However, the culmination of the Bitcoin Halving as well as the hype and support the project enjoys cannot be underestimated. So, Notcoin gamers with a sizable sum of tokens are expected to smile at their bank wallets on April 20. 

You can follow up with Notcoin on t.me/notcoin_bot and the official channel t.me/notcoin.

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